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Buying Grocery is one of the biggest expenses of our lives and yet we put very little effort into it “Why”

How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?

Food has always been an essential need. But as important as food is, it has also become practical to properly plan how much we spend on it.
You might not realize how much you spend on food until you make a deliberate attempt to track your grocery expenses.

If you don’t do this, it would be very difficult to account for your money and how it is being spent.
The average single person spends $80 to $130 a week on food alone, while a family of four can spend between $230 to $380!
So, you can see why it’s important to see where your money goes.

With the current global economic situation, the importance of tracking our grocery expenditures cannot be overemphasized.
You’ll be quite amazed at how much you spend on food if you decide to pay close attention to it, from expenses as little as buying snacks
to eating out in restaurants every once in a while, to the money spent on that cold soda on a hot afternoon.

It all sums up to a significant amount. That’s why you keep wondering where all your money went to at the end of every month.

Why Track Your Grocery Expenses?

When you keep track of your food expenses, you can

Follow your money

First off, keeping track of your grocery expenses helps you to identify where your money goes. At the end of the month, you’d be able to account for your money and how much exactly you spent on food.

You would also be able to determine what is taking up huge chunks of your money.
That would enable you to know exactly what you need to cut down on buying while shopping. This is definitely a first step to becoming more financially responsible.

Features of the Kore One Step App

There are several cool features on the Kore One Step app that you'll absolutely love!

Awesome Features

Budget facilities

You can set your budget easily with Kore one step App

Calculated facilities

You can calculate your budget easily with Kore one step App

Scanning facilities

You can Scan your product easily with  Kore one step App

Kore One Step App - Track Your Grocery Expenses

Voucher coupons

You can save your Voucher Coupons in Kore one step App

Grocery list

You create grocery lists in Kore one step App

Club card

You can save your club cards in Kore one step App

Main Screen
This screen shows you all the awesome features of the Kore One Step app. In order to have access to the Main Screen, you will need to register with your mobile number. You will also need a 4- or 5-digit pin, which should only be known to you. The reason is to ensure that you alone have access to your personal account and that your personal information is protected. You can only register after you have downloaded the app.

Once you do so, you’ll be required to log in. The first screen that comes up once you log into the Kore One Step app is the Main Screen. You can easily navigate the cool features on the Main Screen of the app with just a click. These features include

  • Set budget
  • Scan product
  • Create recipes
  • Add club cards

On the Main Screen, you can also access your personal profile at the top right section. This makes it easy for you to make necessary changes when required. The graphics of the Main Screen interface are bright-colored and appealing. It is also simple and easy to navigate.

Set Your Budget Screen:

The first feature on the Main Screen of the Kore One Step app is the “Set Your Budget” feature. This feature enables you to do a couple of things that would help you shop right. If you have been concerned about how much you spend on groceries and how you have been unable to keep track of your expenses, then worry no more! With this feature, you can now:

Before going shopping, you can now set a budget of the amount you are willing to spend at the store or supermarket, as the case may be. The purpose of this feature is to warn you when you exceed your set budget. This helps to ensure that you are able to manage your money and you don’t spend on things you don’t need.

List products needed and calculate prices:

On this screen, you can list the products to be bought at the store and attach a price to each of them. You can also calculate the prices to get your total. The sum must not exceed the set budget. This is definitely way better than using the conventional paper and pen. You will love this!

Overview Mobile App and Your Personal Website 

Food is an essential part of life, and we cannot do without it. However, buying groceries can sometimes be more problematic than normal. Sometimes we under budget and end up coming to the stores with less money than the prices on our shopping list. Other times, we forget the shopping list or some items we needed to purchase.

Kore One Step provides solutions to these problems and much more through its website and app. This platform enables you to set a budget for what you want to buy before you go to buy them. It tracks and manages your shopping list to ensure your budget can cater to it. And then, you get notified when your shopping list exceeds your budget.

The Kore One platform is a truly essential innovation. It provides excellent services with its unique features and easily accessible interface, ensuring an amazing and stress-free shopping experience for you. There’s also an advertisement section where you can showcase your own products and services for others to see and patronize you.

Sign up to get started. You can also download the mobile app for iOS or Android for added convenience, a seamless user experience, and compatibility with all kinds of mobile devices and smartwatches. Once you download the app, you’ll get an email that links you to sign up or log in on this website.

“Note that every action you take while logged in on this website will reflect on the app and vice versa. They work hand-in-hand to give you a uniform experience. Whether you work on the website or the app, on your PC or smartphone, all your data is saved to your account, and can you can access your lists and plans anywhere, anytime.”

                                                                                     “Here are some of the great features you’ll enjoy on Kore One Step Website”

Scan Screen

On the Scan Screen, you can access the scan feature. This feature enables you to scan the grocery items on your budget list at the grocery store. 

By scanning each item’s bar code, you can access vital information about the products you choose – details such as the manufacturing date, the expiry date, the name of the manufacturer, the country of origin, and the product’s price.

This information can influence your decision on what product is the best for you, and it can also help you make the right choice.

Once you have decided on the product to purchase, you can add the product’s price and select its name from the drop-down list.

If you don’t find your choice item on the list, you can include it using the “Add to Basket” feature on the app. Cool, right? Wait, there’s more!

“With Kore One Step, you’re one step closer to meeting your savings target every month. And it all begins by tracking your daily bread.”

You can also add to your grocery list and update the quantity of your chosen products at any time. Once all your items are ready, you can check the total amount of the list to be sure that you haven’t exceeded the limit of your set budget. If you want to update your list, you can add or remove any item on the list.

Recipes Screen

On this screen, you can enter recipes for use when you need them. You can do this either by creating your own recipe or logging into cooking websites and checking out different recipes online.

If you are frustrated and tired of always thinking about what to cook and how to cook it, this feature should serve you just right! You can now create your own recipe ahead of time on the Kore One Step app.

The Recipes screen is a great way to ensure that your cooking recipes come in handy for your use at any given time. With this feature, you can achieve a lot by tracking and managing your groceries.

This way, you can know the right amount of each item you need to purchase on shopping day.

This feature also enables you to predict your food costs and manage them. When you already have your recipes planned out, you’ll know exactly how much to spend on groceries.

On the Recipes screen, there are different columns for the title of the recipe, a picture to show what the meal looks like, ingredients used in the meal preparation, and a step-by-step presentation of the recipe.

Online Recipes 

You can add your personal recipes to a list in this section and refer to them whenever you want. 
You can also navigate through our recipe index or select from food websites and blogs to stock your list and give you various choices when it’s shopping time.

This feature on the Kore One Step platform keeps you a step ahead when estimating food costs and makes it easier to track and manage your ingredients’ expenses.
This section also contains beautiful and eye-catching photo sliders for each of the displayed recipes and step by step guides on their presentations.

If you’ve always had a stressful time compiling your recipes and thinking of what to cook or how to cook them, this feature is an awesome breath of fresh air for you.
It allows you to store your recipes and have them handy when you need to shop. You can also make changes to the recipes, add and remove certain things whenever you want to.

Shopping List

The Kore One platform takes off all the stress of having to make a shopping list. You no longer need to put down a shopping list on paper or in your head, because, let’s face it, most times, you will forget some items or even the list altogether.

The Shopping List section makes it easy to write down your list. It has an auto-complete feature that suggests common items as you type. You can even share this list with others to add their own choices to the list, and it has an auto-categorization function that makes it easy to segment your list. The list is editable and works in line with your already set budget for shopping.

This list can also be accessed on a computer or even smartwatches. It is a very effective way to keep track of your list when you go shopping without worrying about any omissions.

Club Cards

This feature enables you to add as many cards as possible from different grocery stores and supermarkets. As a regular customer of a grocery store or a supermarket, you might be given a club card or customer card.

This card allows you to make discounted purchases on discount days or Black Fridays. You can take a picture of your club cards and upload it on the Kore One Step app. This ensures that there’s proper documentation of your card in the case of loss or theft.

This ensures that there’s proper documentation of your card in the case of loss or theft. This feature also ensures that your club card comes in handy at any given time and provides easy accessibility.

You can also upload ads and coupons from newspaper sales to the app using this feature. Store vendors can also issue coupons.

They analyze your preference and generate discount vouchers or coupons that are appropriate for you. Uploading your cards and coupons on the

Kore One Step app helps you keep track of what you intend to purchase on discount and serves as evidence you can present to vendors on discount days.

Online Club Cards

Add your club card online and use it on your phone 

Our platform’s Club Card feature enables users to add as many saving coupons and cards from different grocery stores and supermarkets as they like. These cards are loyalty cards given to  customers by grocery stores or supermarkets where they patronize often. It allows you to make discounted purchases on special days or occasions like Black Friday sales.

In this section, you can upload pictures of your club card to ensure its safety and backup documentation of the card in case of loss, theft, or damage to the card. Your card is always safe and handy whenever you need to use it.

Another plus of this feature is that it helps you keep track of what you intend to purchase at a discount and can be presented as evidence to vendors on discount days if you don’t have your physical card.


Kore One Step users can now place adverts of what they do on the platform for other users to see and patronize them. This feature is great for our users, who are into businesses and services. You can also have access to adverts for other brands you might be interested in.

The platform knows the importance of advertisements to a brand and thus gives you the chance to showcase your own ventures and products using the Kore One Step platform.

You can be sure your products will get wide viewings by other users all over the world, and this can help put your own products out there and, in turn, maximize your profits at no extra charges.

The advertisement section can be controlled and tailored by users to see only ads they’re interested in. This feature is probably the best and most endearing feature of this platform because it provides a platform not just focused on making profits but also on helping our customers profit.


You can do all of these and so much more with Kore One Step.

      Its Free Download Today!


Kore One Step App - Track Your Grocery Expenses